ConstitutionNet Updates: July 2018

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In the July newsletter, we share with you two original Voices from the Field pieces and a number of updates on constitutional reform processes in different parts of the world.

A popular constitutional amendment initiative in Croatia has raised concerns regarding the rights and representation of minority groups. The experience shows the importance but insufficiency of judicial mechanisms to address enduring minority concerns. In another piece covering issues of minorities, Pakistan has finally amended its constitution to bring to the mainstream legal framework previously excluded regions and citizens in Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Nevertheless, the manner with which the amendment was introduced and the visible influence of the military apparatus in the process calls for mechanisms to safeguard against rushed amendments and encourage sober deliberation and popular input.

The remaining updates cover reforms around the world from Cuba to New Zealand and Comoros to Bulgaria. The Newsletter also includes the Draft Constitution of the Philippines that has been submitted for parliamentary consideration, as well as a link to all thematic publications of the Constitution Building Programme of International IDEA.

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ConstitutionNet Analyses - Voices from the Field
  A single polity at last? Pakistan’s unfinished efforts to mainstream Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)
by Muhammad Zubair
Croatia’s constitutional dilemma: Popular initiatives versus minority rights
by Djordje Gardasevic
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What we are reading this month
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Op-ed: There is one clear way for The Philippines to move forward on conflicting constitutional revision proposals
Op-ed: What place should the environment have in the constitution?
Op-ed: Japan:
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should be clarified
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