ConstitutionNet Updates: February 2017

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Our February newsletter includes two original Voices from the Field and updates on the most recent developments in the constitution reform processes around the world.

The Russian government has presented a new constitution for Syria arguing that it may serve as a “guide” for the future peace process. The document draws on Eurasian constitutional exceptionalism, viewing Syria’s main problem to be the complete breakdown of the unity of the state. For now, it is impossible to predict what role will this draft constitution play in ending the conflict in the country. Political life in Burkina Faso over the last months has been dominated by works on the country’s new constitution the draft of which, among others, strengthens the Bill of Rights, limits terms of office of the president and MPs, balances presidential powers as well as introduces unicameral parliamentary system.

The remaining updates cover a wide array of constitutional developments in countries ranging from Colombia to Kazakhstan, Gambia to The Netherlands.

ConstitutionNet Analyses - Voices from the Field
  Understanding the Origins of Russia’s Constitutional Solution to the Syrian Conflict
William Partlett
Innovations in the draft Constitution of Burkina Faso  
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What we are reading this month
  Op-ed: Kazakhstan constitutional reform should recognize crucial role of political parties
Op-ed: Can Ireland reconcile conflicting views in the constitutional debate on abortion?
Op-ed: Chileans mobilize to replace a constitution adopted during military dictatorship
Op-ed: Somali president should be granted the power to appoint and dismiss prime minister in the new constitution
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