ConstitutionNet Updates: January 2017

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The first Newsletter of 2017 includes original Voices from the Field Pieces and a number of updates on ongoing constitutional reform processes. The Turkish parliament approved extensive constitutional reforms including further shifts towards presidentialism. Progress towards federalism in Nepal continues to face the dilemma of addressing the demands of minority groups for self-government and concerns over fragmentation of the country. The latest reform proposals, which aim at restructuring the number and boundary of the provinces, have been rejected by opposition groups, undermining government efforts to settle the issue and focus on constitutional implementation and elections. Following the coming to power of the Georgian Dream party in the 2016 general elections, Georgia has embarked on a constitutional reform process which looks to move to an indirectly elected President and constitutional prohibition of same-sex marriage among other issues being proposed. Lastly, in Nigeria youth movements have had success in advocating for constitutional reform over age restrictions on running for public office through innovative online campaigns which have been taken up at the global level by various international organizations.

The remaining updates cover a range of issues in countries ranging from Curacao to the Philippines, Zimbabwe to Norway. It also includes a new study on gender-responsive constitutional implementation in Nepal.

ConstitutionNet Analyses - Voices from the Field
  Nepal’s federalization process and the challenge of accommodating minority demands
Prabindra Shakya
Georgian constitutional reform: Another misguided quest of genuine opportunity
Davit Zedelashvili
Turkey’s ultimate shift to a presidential system: The most recent constitutional amendments in detail
Bertil Emrah Oder
Organizing Youth for Constitution Review in Nigeria through the #NotTooYoungToRun Campaign
Ibrahim Faruk
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What we are reading this month
  Op-ed: Why we need UK courts to determine the constitutional arrangements
Op-ed: Has Poland become a country with a constitution?
Op-ed: Curacao must establish a constitutional court
Op-ed: US Constitutional amendment toward Congressional term limits would face uphill battle
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