ConstitutionNet Updates: October 2016

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Our October Newsletter contains four original analyses covering a range of issues. Lebanon has not had a president for over two years. The vacancy has triggered debate on constitutional reforms, including its religion-based consociational political arrangement. Mali is working on a new constitution aimed at accommodating its ethnic diversity and cementing lasting peace through the devolution of power. While the draft Constitution of Cote d’Ivoire seeks to settle the question of Ivorian citizenship, it could also expand the power and influence of the incumbent president. Constitutional reform efforts in Kyrgyzstan to enhance the powers of the prime minister have raised similar concerns where the incumbent president could circumvent presidential term limits.

October has been a busy month for constitutional reform processes. For updates on these developments from South Korea to Sudan, Brazil to Turkey on issues spanning presidential terms, legal pluralism, debt caps, and federalism, please scroll down.

ConstitutionNet Analyses - Voices from the Field
  Kyrgyzstan’s constitutional referendum: Steering populism toward securing vested interests?
Margarita Meldon
Innovations of the Draft Constitution of Cote d’Ivoire: Towards hyper-presidentialism?
Pierre Olivier Lobe
Mali’s constitutional reforms: Cementing peace through the devolution of power
Sissoko Bamassa and Guissé Aboubacar
Lebanon’s presidential vacancy: An opening for constitutional reform?
Dr Simon Badran
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What we are reading this month
  Op-ed: The Indian Supreme Court, religious personal law and the Constitution
Op-ed: Japan’s controversial but unlikely constitutional shift from pacifism
Op-ed: Tanzania should rework proposed constitution to recognize ethical standards
Op-ed: Why referendums aren’t as democratic as they seem
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