Zambia: Government Releases Draft Constitution Ahead of Jubilee

24 October 2014
National Assembly Building
National Assembly Building
<p>The ruling Patriotic Front government has conceded some ground in the long drawn out constitution-making process by releasing the draft constitution on the eve of the Golden Jubilee celebration.&nbsp;</p><p>Acting Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula said that the draft constitution will be uploaded on a website to be advised by the Ministry of Justice - an early copied has been obtained and published below.</p><p>Zambians have been pressing for the release of the draft constitution since November last year when the Technical Committee wound up its work.</p><p>The Patriotic Front that promised to deliver a new constitution in 2011 within 90 days of being in power has stubbornly been uncompromising in freezing out the process.</p>
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