In Uzbekistan, senate approves draft of new constitution before 30 April referendum

16 March 2023
Flag of Uzbekistan (photo credit: Chickenonline via pixabay)
Flag of Uzbekistan (photo credit: Chickenonline via pixabay)
Uzbek parliament's upper chamber, the Senate, has approved a bill on the Central Asian nation's new constitution that would allow President Shavkat Mirziyoev to run for a third term in office. State-run media outlets published the text of the bill on March 15, saying the draft law had been approved by the Senate and that a nationwide referendum on the bill will be held on April 30. Parliament's lower Legislative Chamber approved the bill and the date for the referendum last week. The amendments changing the constitution are expected to be approved in the referendum by a majority of the tightly controlled former Soviet republic, which, according to Uzbek officials, will "nullify" Mirziyoev's previous and current terms, allowing him to run for another two consecutive terms. The draft also extends the duration of a term from five to seven years. Mirziyoev's current term ends in 2026.
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