Uzbekistan Senate amends a number of constitutional provisions

29 May 2017
Oliy Majlis, the Senate of Uzbekistan (Photo credit: Flickr)
Oliy Majlis, the Senate of Uzbekistan (Photo credit: Flickr)
On May 28 2017, the Senate of Uzbekistan approved changes and additions to the articles of the country's Constitution. The amendments include the provision regulating appointment and dismissal of the State Committee for Nature Protection (Article 80 of the Constitution). There are also changes in appointment of Constitutional Court's judges who will be now elected by the Senate upon the president’s proposal from among the individuals recommended by the Supreme Judicial Council (Article 93 of the Constitution). Finally, the amendments envisage the expansion of the powers of the Constitutional Court to verify the compliance of the laws with the Basic Law, laws on the ratification of international treaties before signing and providing the president and both chambers of the parliament with the information on the country’s constitutional legality annually (Articles 108 and 109 of the Constitution).
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