In Uzbekistan, public discussions on proposed constitutional reforms take place before referendum

6 April 2023
Flag of Uzbekistan (photo credit: David_Peterson via pixabay)
Flag of Uzbekistan (photo credit: David_Peterson via pixabay)
Public discussions concerning proposed constitutional reforms in Uzbekistan are taking place across the country ahead of the national referendum on Sunday 30 April. [...] In Bukhara, the Center for Economic Research and Reforms organised a round table discussion entitled "Priorities for institutional reforms: Uzbekistan as a social state". [...] The discussion covered the significant social reforms that citizens would benefit from under the renewed constitution. The state's new responsibilities would include delivering sustainable economic growth, implementing measures to reduce poverty, creating decent living standards and providing food security. In Samarkand, Feruza Esmatova, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Oliy Majlis, held another round table focused on "The constitution and the priority of human rights". [...] The participants considered how the constitutional reforms would provide greater protection to the rights of all citizens, including freedom of speech, media and assembly, as well as the promotion of democratic values and equality within Uzbekistan's population. [...] Talking about the ongoing programme of events, Jakhongir Shirinov, chairman of the Legislative Chamber Committee responsible for the constitutional reforms, said: "The constitutional reform campaign is now well underway, with citizens and political parties discussing the proposed changes across the country." "If the reforms are endorsed by the referendum later this month, more than 65% of the existing constitution will be updated with new norms and articles, primarily focusing on protecting and extending citizens' rights. There are still a number of important areas awaiting discussion in the coming weeks, and I hope as many people as possible have the chance to add their voices to the national debate."
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