UN adviser says Libyan joint committee has reached consensus on 137 articles of draft constitution

By Sami Zaptia, 24 May
Flag of Libya (photo credit: Reuters / Hani Amara)
Flag of Libya (photo credit: Reuters / Hani Amara)
The House of Representatives (HoR) and High State Council (HSC) Joint Committee reached an initial consensus on 137 articles of the draft Libyan constitution during their second round of talks held in Cairo between 15 to 20 May, UNSMIL reported. The talks are intended to agree on a constitution based on which elections will be held – the first since 2014 – to take the country out of its interim political phase. The 11-year interim phase, since the 2011 revolution that ended the 42-year Qaddafi regime, has produced very weak governments and state institutions. This has left the country very unstable. A constitutionally based election is hoped to produce a government with strong legitimacy and mandate. Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General Stephanie Williams said "[...] I am really pleased that the Joint Committee was able to reach this initial consensus on 137 articles, and I am particularly pleased that you were able to agree on Chapter 2 on the rights and freedoms, as well as on the Chapters on legislative and judicial authority, with the exception of a handful of articles."
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