In Uganda, equal opportunities commission calls for constitutional amendment to recognize nine Indigenous groups

By Shabibah Nakirigya, 3 February 2023
Flag of Uganda (photo credit: Kaufdex via pixabay)
Flag of Uganda (photo credit: Kaufdex via pixabay)
The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) [2 February] called for amendments to the 1995 Constitution so as to recognise nine indigenous groups. The EOC’s proposed groups are the Benet (Kween District), Bakingwe and Bagabo (Kasese District), Maragoli (Kiryandongo, Masindi and Hoima), Haya (Rakai district), Basese, Bagaya, Masopike and the Meru. During an engagement with the representatives of ethnic minority groups in Kampala [on 2 February], the EOC Chairperson, Ms Safia Nalule Juuko said there is a need to include the nine groups in the Constitution. Ms Nalule added that once the groups are acknowledged, they will benefit from government empowerment programmes like the Parish Development model, which targets low income earners. [...] Ms Nalule said the unrecognised groups are unique from the 65 indigenous communities that are recognised in the 1995 Constitution.
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