Uganda: Can Constitutional Changes Delay 2016 Elections?

By Sadab Kitatta Kaaya, 24 November 2014
No bill has been tabled yet for electoral reforms
No bill has been tabled yet for electoral reforms
<p>In their most impassioned criticism of the Museveni government, opposition MPs can create the impression that there is no love lost between them and members of the ruling NRM.</p><p>But when it comes to matters touching the legislators' welfare, the propensity for bi-partisan cooperation can be surprisingly high. And one issue with potential to unite MPs is the constitutional amendments or, more precisely, electoral reforms.</p><p>The opposition has said that without meaningful electoral reforms, they may boycott the 2016 elections. But with the current session of Parliament coming to an end, no bill for amending the Constitution has been tabled in the House.</p>
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