Tuvalu amends constitution to protect its statehood should its territory disappear due to rising sea levels

19 September 2023
Flag of Tuvalu (photo credit: Chickenonline via pixabay)
Flag of Tuvalu (photo credit: Chickenonline via pixabay)
The Pacific nation of Tuvalu has completed the process of amending the country’s constitution, which began several years ago [...] which declares that the state will continue to exist in the event that its entire territory disappears due to rising levels of the Pacific Ocean. [...] It is assumed that if the current trend continues due to global warming, by 2100 95% of the country’s territory will go under water. [...] In accordance with the amendments to the constitution, the state will continue to exist regardless of the impact of climate change or other factors that result in the loss of the country’s physical territory. According to Member of Parliament and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country Simon Kofi, Tuvalu became the first country in the world to record its statehood and sovereignty in this form. Mr. Kofi at one time initiated the process of “digitization” of the country. Last year, the process of integrating Tuvalu into metaverse, building their own digital replica of the country, digitizing the country’s islands and iconic places so that citizens can continue to “live” in it and interact with each other using augmented reality technology. “Our idea is to continue to exist as a state and preserve our culture, our knowledge, our history in the digital space,” Mr. Kofi said when announcing the plan.
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