In Türkiye, justice minister suggests possibility of third presidential term for Erdoğan if early elections are called

By Fatma Zibak, 13 March
photo credit: Tom Page via Wikimedia Commons
photo credit: Tom Page via Wikimedia Commons
Several days after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the local elections on March 31 will be his “last” in line with the law, Justice Minister Yılmaz Tunç talked about the possibility of Erdoğan’s running for the presidency again if parliament calls early elections. [...] According to the Turkish Constitution, presidential and parliamentary elections are to be held simultaneously. The last time Turkey held elections was in May, when Erdoğan secured another term as president. The next general election is scheduled for 2028. [...] According to Turkey’s constitution, the president can only be elected for a renewable five-year term if the elections are held as scheduled. Erdoğan was first elected president under the parliamentary system in 2014. [...] A constitutional referendum in 2017 turned the country into an executive presidency and thus expanded Erdoğan’s influence. Turkey’s election authority did not count Erdoğan’s term, starting in 2014, since it was under the parliamentary system. According to Brussels-based lawyer Ali Yıldız, Erdoğan can continue to be elected president until he dies if parliament calls early elections before the end of every term. “In the case of parliament calling early elections, that term of the president is considered incomplete, making another candidacy possible,” Yıldız told Turkish Minute.
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