Tunisia’s president extends suspension of parliament indefinitely

By Bel Trew, 26 August 2021
City of Tunis, Tunisia (photo credit: UNOPS)
City of Tunis, Tunisia (photo credit: UNOPS)
Tunisia’s president Kais Saied has extended the month-long suspension of the country’s parliament “until further notice”,  in a move his chief opponents have claimed is unconstitutional and “dangerous” for the democratic process in the country. In a written statement posted online, Mr Saied said he would also continue the cancellation of MPs’ parliamentary immunity, which he lifted last month when he dismissed the country’s prime minister and assumed executive powers. He also extended the suspension of parliament and said he would address the nation “in the coming days”. His main opponents, Tunisia’s largest political party the Islamist Ennahda Movement, labelled the original move a “coup” and told The Independent that Monday’s late-night decision to extend the suspension was “unconstitutional” and had plunged the country into a “political vacuum”.
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