In Tunisia, Protests Follow Report Recommending Constitutional Reforms

12 August 2018
photo credit: European Parliament/flickr
photo credit: European Parliament/flickr
The non-governmental National Coordination for the Defense of the Qur’an, the Constitution and Equitable Development organized the demonstration against the report issued by the Individual Freedoms and Equality Committee (COLIBE). The protesters accused the committee, created by presidential initiative in August 2017, of acting contrary to the teaching of Islam and traditional values. [ . . . ] The report – prepared in accordance with international human rights standards, according to COLIBE – includes recommendations for changes to the 2014 Tunisian Constitution. The 235-page document, accessible for free on the committee’s official Web site, was presented on June 12 and proposes, among other things, gender equality in inheritance rights, decriminalization of homosexuality and abolition of the death penalty.
Read the full article here: Latin American Herald Tribune


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