Thailand's junta sets up Constitution drafting body

8 October 2014
©Reuters/Athit Parawongmetha
©Reuters/Athit Parawongmetha
<p> The junta in Thailand assigned a newly-formed reform council with the task of drafting a constitution for the nation that has been plagued with political unrest the past few years. The new body, called the National Reform Council will work alongside the National Legislative Assembly. The new reform council consists of 250 members, 38 of which have served in the military.</p> <p> Its candidates were chosen through applications from districts and nominations from the public. Military heads gave the final say of who would make up the council. Thailand's military rulers say that the drafting of the new constitution and its implementation by July next year will lead to elections.</p> <p> <strong>A year of unrest</strong></p>
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