In Thailand, subcommittee on public opinion for constitutional amendment to discuss reform with student and young adult groups

10 November 2023
Flag of Thailand (photo credit: confused_me via pixabay)
Flag of Thailand (photo credit: confused_me via pixabay)
The Subcommittee on Public Opinion for the Constitutional Amendment will this week meet with representatives from seven student and young adult groups to gather their views on charter change. Nikorn Chamnong, the chair of the Subcommittee said that previously the groups were presented with questions about the constitutional amendment and the referendum process—identical to those to be considered by the parliament in its forthcoming session. These inquiries will guide the Committee in examining methods for conducting the referendum to resolve differing opinions on the 2017 Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand by late December and will subsequently be shared with the public. The queries highlight whether a referendum should be organized for the constitutional amendment, if the entire document or specific sections should be altered, and the potential consequences of such amendments on citizen freedoms, political engagement, and checks and balances among the legislative, judiciary, and executive branches. Additional questions include the difficulty of amendment procedures, underlying causes for amendments, and suggestions for establishing a constitutional drafting assembly or other entities to undertake these revisions.
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