In Thailand, signature campaign launched for referendum on writing new constitution

14 August 2023
Flag of Thailand (photo credit: confused_me via pixabay)
Flag of Thailand (photo credit: confused_me via pixabay)
A signature collection campaign was launched yesterday [13 August], at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and in 18 provinces, to seek a referendum for the writing of a new Constitution, with public participation from the start. The campaign, launched by civic groups which are against the existing charter, which they allege was crafted in favour of establishment elites, will run until August 20th and collect at least 50,000 signatures. [...] After having collected at least 50,000 signatures, the campaign organisers will submit them to the cabinet,demanding that a referendum to be held for the drafting of a new charter, in accordance with the Referendum Act B.E. 2564 (2021). The holding of a referendum is the first step in the process ofwriting a new charter with public participation in Thailand. The Pheu Thai party has vowed to initiate constitutional amendments as one of its top priorities after the formation of the new government. Meanwhile, the Mok Luang Rim Nam political group rallied in front of the Bhumjaithai and Pheu Thai party head offices yesterday, to protest against the partnership of the two parties in the formation of the new government.
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