In Thailand, parties push for 14 changes to charter

By Bangkok Post, 17 June 2021
 Flag of Thailand (photo credit: pixabay)
Flag of Thailand (photo credit: pixabay)
Three coalition parties and the opposition are making a unified stand to strip the Senate of its power to take part in selecting a premier by seeking to alter the charter through 14 amendment drafts. [...] Other issues included restoring the two-ballot electoral method, restricting the choice of prime ministerial candidates to those nominated by parties or MPs, reverting back to requiring the backing of two-fifths of parliament to launch a charter amendment bid, and better decentralisation of power. [... Parliament] will convene on June 22-24. On June 22, it will deliberate a backlog of legislation, including the referendum bill. The following day, it will proceed with charter amendment motions submitted by both the government coalition parties and opposition bloc.
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