Thai Constitution Drafting Committee decides to establish a "National Virtue Assembly"

By Mongkol Bangprapa, 23 February 2015
Thai Constitution Drafting Committee (photo credit: Bangkok Post)
Thai Constitution Drafting Committee (photo credit: Bangkok Post)
<p class="preParagraph">The Constitution Drafting Committee agreed on Monday to establish a panel responsible for conducting ethics inquiries against political office holders and senior government officials.</p><p>The body, unofficially named as the "national virtue assembly", tentatively was set at 55 members and will be tasked with establishing ethical and moral standards for both local and national politicians, Gen Lertrat Rattanawanich, the CDC's spokesman, said.&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 20.3999996185303px;">Five of the 55 assembly members would be selected by the Senate and the rest handpicked by an appointed selection committee.</span></p>
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