Taiwan's constitutional amendment committee holds first meeting

By Wang Cheng-chung, Su Lung-chi and Teng Pei-ju, 21 May 2021
Taipei, Taiwan (photo credit:  Someus Christopher/unsplash.com)
Taipei, Taiwan (photo credit: Someus Christopher/unsplash.com)
The legislative committee responsible for constitutional amendments, established in September 2020, held its first meeting Tuesday, selecting five conveners to oversee the more than 50 proposals on the committee's agenda for review. Currently, the ad hoc committee has a total of 52 proposals to review, including those seeking to lower the voting age to 18, abolish both the Examination Yuan and Control Yuan, as well as lower the high bar for constitutional amendments. [...] After a proposed amendment to the Constitution is reviewed by the committee, it must be first approved by three-quarters of lawmakers, with a minimum of three-quarters of all members in attendance to proceed to the next stage. A public referendum must then be held within six months and the amendment is only ratified if a minimum of 50 percent of eligible voters vote in favor of it.
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