In Taiwan, lower voting age amendment passed in legislature and will be subject to referendum

By Lee Hsin-fang, Lin Liang-sheng and Kayleigh Madjar , 28 March 2022
Taiwan's legislature (photo credit: Reuters / Tyrone Siu)
Taiwan's legislature (photo credit: Reuters / Tyrone Siu)
The Legislative Yuan on Friday voted 109-0 to lower the voting age to 18 from 20, setting the stage for a referendum to put the constitutional amendment to a public vote. The referendum must be held within three months following a six-month buffer period, meaning that it must be held between October and the end of this year. At least half of all eligible voters must vote in its favor for the amendment to pass. The DPP, a cosponsor of the amendment, pushed for its passage this month in the hopes of holding the referendum concurrently with the local elections set for Nov. 26, on the grounds that a higher turnout would boost its chance of passing.
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