In Taiwan, government body petitions constitutional court over legislative amendments it claims violate constitution

By Teng Pei-ju, 2 July
Flag of Taiwan (photo credit: David_Peterson via pixabay)
Flag of Taiwan (photo credit: David_Peterson via pixabay)
The Control Yuan on Monday petitioned the Constitutional Court for a ruling on the constitutionality of government oversight amendments passed by the Legislature in May, arguing that they allowed the legislative body to usurp its power. [ . . . ] The Control Yuan argued that the amendments, which took effect on June 26, undermined its investigative powers accorded in Articles 95 and 96 of the Constitution. The revisions give the Legislature new investigative powers, including the power to hold hearings, and public officials are subject to fines and jail time if they refuse to attend hearings or provide information, or if they present false information. In the case of individuals or groups from the private sector, they will face penalties if they are deemed uncooperative. Those measures, according to Control Yuan Secretary General Lee Chun-yi (李俊俋), failed to make a clear distinction between the investigatory powers of the Control Yuan and those of the Legislative Yuan.
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