In Switzerland, voters approve by referendum pension reform and reject factory farming ban

By AP, 26 September 2022
Flag of Switzerland (photocredit: pixabay / stux)
Flag of Switzerland (photocredit: pixabay / stux)
Swiss voters accepted the government's pension reform plan by a narrow margin on [25 September]. The plan would raise the retirement age for women from 64 to 65, brining it in line with the age for men. A concurrent vote on imposing stricter regulations in farming failed to garner majority support. [...] According to Swiss government figures, the pension system changes had won by 50.57% of the vote, with counting having been finalized in all cantons. Switzerland's government attempted to introduce similar reforms plans in 2004 and 2017, both of which failed when put to a vote. [...] The proposal to impose restrictions on livestock farming was not supported by a majority of voters, with slightly more than 37% of the population voting in favor. The Swiss government had opposed the proposal, arguing it would drive up prices and saying that Switzerland already had strict animal welfare laws. It also said it could cause issues with trade partners around imports of animal products. [...] Supporters of the initiative said they were happy the debate around the issue managed to raise awareness.
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