In Switzerland, referendums will take place 13 June on drinking water, pesticides, Co2 emissions, Covid-19 restrictions, and anti-terrorism laws

By The Local, 10 June
Flag of Switzerland (photocredit: pixabay / Elionas)
Flag of Switzerland (photocredit: pixabay / Elionas)
On Sunday, June 13th, the Swiss will have to weigh in on two initiatives and three referendums. From coronavirus lockdowns to terrorism, here are the issues at stake. Switzerland votes Sunday on a series of hot topics: anti-terror measures, Covid-19 laws and proposals to protect the environment through banning synthetic pesticides.  Swiss voters must decide whether they approve a Covid-19 law that extends the government’s powers to fight the pandemic and mitigate its consequences on society and the economy. But the two anti-pesticide proposals have triggered the most noise and fury, in an electoral campaign marked by fiery debates between farmers.
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