Sweden changes constitution to strengthen its anti-terror law and meet Turkey's NATO membership objections

17 November 2022
Flag of Sweden (photo credit: Unif via pixabay)
Flag of Sweden (photo credit: Unif via pixabay)
Sweden's parliament on Wednesday passed a constitutional amendment that will make it possible to pass tougher anti-terror laws, a key demand from Turkey to approve Stockholm's NATO membership bid. After Russia invaded Ukraine, Sweden and Finland abandoned their long-held policy of non-alignment and applied to join the military alliance. But Turkey has blocked Sweden and Finland's NATO membership applications, accusing Stockholm in particular of being a haven for "terrorists". The amendment, which passed with 278 votes in Sweden's 349-seat parliament, makes it possible to introduce new laws to "limit freedom of association when it comes to associations that engage in or support terrorism." [...] Experts have said new legislation would make it easier to prosecute members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), blacklisted by Ankara and most of its Western allies. The change will enter into force on January 1.
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