Sudanese stakeholders sign political consensus agreement after workshop on democratic transition hosted by Egypt

9 February 2023
Flag of Sudan (photo credit: David_Peterson/pixabay)
Flag of Sudan (photo credit: David_Peterson/pixabay)
[On 7 February, Sudanese stakeholders that attended a workshop in Cairo announced their commitment to a democratic transition and reiterated their commitment to the 2019 constitution. Hosted by the Egyptian government from 2 to 7 February, the workshop gathered participants to discuss the political crisis and ways for an intra-Sudanese dialogue to pave the way towards a political settlement, which would replace the political framework signed by the Forces for Freedom and Change and the military on 5 December 2022.] According to a statement issued [7 February] at the end of the workshop, the meeting gathered 85 [representatives of] 35 parties[, movements, and civil society organisations]. The communiqué announced the formation of the “Coordination of National Democratic Forces”, a new political coalition [and the adoption of] the “National Document Governing the Transitional Period”, which provides for 15 amendments to the [2019 constitution]. The main proposed amendments include the removal of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) from the text of [the 2019 constitution] and replacing them with “political and civil forces, civil society organizations, resistance committees and parties to the peace process that signed the amendments”. Also, the proposed text [replaces] the name of the Sovereignty Council with the sovereign authority. [...] The Sovereign authority will consist of seven members picked by the signatories to the amended constitutional declaration. According to the document, the Legislative Council will be composed of 300 members, and the cabinet will be composed of 25 ministers. With regard to the security arrangements, the new political coalition endorsed the integration of the Rapid Support Forces and other armed groups into the national army.
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