In Sudan, political and military leaders discuss appointing civilian prime minister

12 March 2023
 Flag of Sudan (photo credit: David_Peterson/pixabay)
Flag of Sudan (photo credit: David_Peterson/pixabay)
A spokesman for the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) revealed on [12 March] that discussions are taking place between civilian and military parties to the framework agreement to end the political process and appoint a prime minister as soon as possible. [...] “Civilian and military stakeholders are under pressure to finalize the process. So, discussions are taking place and there is an agreement to accelerate the completion of the political process and choose a prime minister who will lead the new transitional government,” Yasir Arman, an FFC spokesman told a press conference hosted by the Sala News platform. [...] Arman told reporters that there are some candidates proposed for the post of prime minister, stressing the parties reached a consensus on the criteria for selecting the head of the civilian government. He added they are against political quotas in the new civilian government, but at the same time, would not be formed of technocrats only.
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