In Sudan, deadline to establish civilian-led transitional government passes after failure to agree final transition deal

12 April 2023
Flag of Sudan (photo credit: David_Peterson/pixabay)
The signatories of the deal set to organize a gradual transfer of power to civilians known as Framework agreement, have missed a deadline to advance towards a return to democracy. According to a timeline set up by the parties, a new prime minister and institutions of the transitional authority should have been announced on Tuesday (Apr. 11). The deadline lapsed after the parties twice failed to sign a final transition deal over disagreements on the integration of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) into the army. [...] Divisions between Sudan's deputy leader - who is the RSF commander- and the military chief and de facto head of Sudan, raises fears of confrontations between the army and the RSF. [...] The Framework agreement signed last December has been contested on the streets. Political players, from former rebel leaders to grassroots pro-democracy networks, remain opposed to the deal despite brokered efforts to draw them in.
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