Spain: Catalonia problem needs constitutional fix: PSOE

23 September 2014
PSOE party leader Pedro Sánchez. Photo: Vincenzo Pinto
The leader of Spain's socialist opposition PSOE party Pedro Sánchez. Photo: Vincenzo Pinto
<p>Spain needs to find a constitutional solution to the "serious problem" of Catalonia, the leader of Spain's major opposition party said on Monday, calling on the government to participate in a major revamp of the 1978 document.&nbsp;The issue of possible independence for Catalonia was the number one political problem facing Spain, the leader of the socialist party Pedro Sánchez said in an article published by centre-left daily El País.</p><p><br>Catalonia's planned November 9th vote on the issue of whether the region should split from Spain "changes the very idea of what Spain is," Sánchez wrote.&nbsp;Spain's Madrid-based central government has repeatedly said the controversial vote in the region with 7.5 million people is illegal.</p>
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