Slovenia to hold referendum on drinking water on July 11

By Vladimir Spasić, 9 June 2021
Bled Lake in Slovenia (photo credit: Arnaud Steckle / unsplash)
Bled Lake in Slovenia (photo credit: Arnaud Steckle / unsplash)
Non-governmental organizations and experts managed to get enough signatures to hold a referendum in Slovenia in an attempt to overthrow the recent amendments to the Waters Act. The vote is scheduled for July 11. Slovenia’s Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning claims the changes prohibit the construction of industrial facilities and private buildings on the banks of rivers and lakes, while environmental activists say they allow the construction of facilities that can pollute sources of drinking water. The amendments were passed in parliament in March. Environmental and civil society organizations collected 52,230 signatures in just 30 days. In order for the plebiscite results to be valid, at least 20% or 340,007 registered voters must cast their ballots.
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