In Singapore, parliament approves legislation and constitutional amendments on ‘new psychoactive substances’ through second reading

By Louisa Tang, 22 March 2023
Flag of Singapore (photo credit: DavidRockDesign via pixabay)
Flag of Singapore (photo credit: DavidRockDesign via pixabay)
Parliament on [21 March] passed amendments to Singapore’s drug laws that will levy harsher punishments on offenders who possess a large amount of certain Class A controlled drugs, such as cocaine or cannabis. Another key change is the introduction of a legislative framework to combat new psychoactive substances – which produce the same or similar effects as controlled drugs – in a more effective fashion. [Additionally, an amendment to Article 9 of the Constitution will ensure that arrests and detentions relating to use of psychoactive drugs are valid under the Constitution.] [...] On [21 March], seven other Members of Parliament rose to speak on the Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Bill and the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (Amendment) Bill, which were tabled in Parliament a month ago.
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