Sierra Leone: Constitutional Review Commission highlights lapses in land management

30 October 2014
A cross-section of participants at the workshop
A cross-section of participants at the workshop
<p>The Committee on Natural Resources, Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) on 22<sup>nd</sup>&nbsp;October 2014 organized a training workshop for its members on the topic: Natural Resources Management-Land and Forestry.&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.7;">Held at the CRC Miatta Conference Center Secretariat, session 1 dealt with the topic: The Relevance of Environmental Management in the National Governance Structure (Land).</span></p><p>The United Nations Development Program Chief Technical Adviser to the Constitutional Review Committee, Mr. Sana Baloch was optimistic that members of the Natural Resources Committee would benefit from the training aimed at identifying lacunas and make salient recommendations to the CRC.</p>
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