In the Seychelles, national assembly approves creation of technical committee by electoral commission to review electoral boundaries

By Betymie Bonnelame , 23 March 2023
Flag of Seychelles (photo credit: Adobe Stock)
Flag of Seychelles (photo credit: Adobe Stock)
The Seychelles' National Assembly has approved the setting up of a technical committee by the Electoral Commission to advise and assist in the task of reviewing electoral boundaries. Eighteen members of the ruling Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) party voted for the proposed Elections (Amendment) Bill 2022 on [22 March], in the absence of the members of the United Seychelles (US) opposition party, whose members walked out. In his statement after the completion of debates, Vice President Ahmed Afif said that the amendment will bring more clarity in the way that the Electoral Commission will work under Articles 112 and 116 of the Seychelles Constitution. "The committee will be technical in nature and among other things look at the statistics, the facts that show the new reality on the ground such as new construction and the population size of electoral districts. Once this is done the Electoral Commission can start the exercise of reviewing the boundaries," said Afif. [...] Afif said that the law about the boundaries is clear under Article 112 (3) and that the Electoral Commission will take several factors into consideration when reviewing the electoral boundaries. "These include looking at present boundaries, present geographical characteristics of Seychelles and that each electoral district as much as is practical will have the same number of inhabitants," he said.
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