In Serbia, parliament will consider constitutional amendments that would lead to referendum in January 2022

By RTS, 24 November 2021
National Assembly of Serbia (photo credit: Jorge Láscar / flickr)
National Assembly of Serbia (photo credit: Jorge Láscar / flickr)
The text of the constitutional amendments will be on the agenda of the National Assembly next week, after which a referendum will be called for January 16, announced [President of the Assembly of Serbia, Ivica Dačić]. [...] "The referendum law comes into force immediately, because there is no time to lose. The position of the Venice Commission was awaited. We had very dynamic communication with the Venice Commission for the first time. We received a positive opinion on both the text of the amendment and the referendum law," Dačić claims. He added that the Republic Election Commission must be formed, which will conduct the referendum and in which he must propose six additional members and six MPs from the ranks of the opposition, since those are the same bodies that will conduct the elections and the referendum.
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