In Serbia, judicial reform referendum passes

By European Western Balkans, 17 January 2022
Serbian flag (photo credit: pixabay)
Serbian flag (photo credit: pixabay)
Serbian citizens voted on [16 January] to change the country’s constitution and accept a judicial reform package, with 60.48% of voters saying ‘Yes’ to the proposals on the referendum. Around 39.52 per cent of voters chose ‘No’ option. According to the latest official information, around 30% of voters went to the polls, FoNet reported. [...] European Union officials welcomed the outcome of the referendum as an important step on the country’s path to the EU and the improvement of the independence of the judiciary. [...] Voters in Serbia were asked to approve the amendments to the constitution which the authorities say would make the judiciary more independent while the opposition and civil society organizations say it would leave room for political interference. 
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