Ruling party in Zambia begins process to amend the Constitution

By Oliver Chisenga, 7 March 2019
(photo credit: The Mast)
(photo credit: The Mast)
THE current suggestion to review the provisions in the Constitution is bound to fail because it is driven from PF narrow partisan approach, says Francisco Mumba. Mumba says from the onset the process lacks consensus and legitimacy. Last month justice minister Given Lubinda said the process to amend the Republican Constitution would proceed, whether or not the opposition rejects the roadmap. He told a media briefing in Lusaka that the government desired to accommodate all views but would not yield to destructive forces. Lubinda was responding to the opposition alliance’s condition that it would only participate in the process if the PF and government agreed to dialogue. The opposition alliance parties have indicated that they would not support Lubinda’s motion in Parliament to begin the process of amending the Constitution in the absence of national dialogue.
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