Quebec makes symbolic amendment to Canada's constitution

By Stephane Giroux, 9 June 2022
City of Quebec (photo credit:
City of Quebec (photo credit:
Canada's Constitution has officially been changed — at Quebec's request. There were no discussions, exchanges, conferences, or debates of any kind with Ottawa. The amendment was announced by Quebec language minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, as part of Quebec’s new language law, Bill 96. The province announced its intention last year to use a little-known provision, article 45, of the Canadian Constitution. It allows a province to add articles pertaining strictly to provincial powers, that do not affect other provinces or the authority of the federal government. The points added to the founding document are articles 90 and 91, which state that Quebec constitutes a nation and that French is the only official language of the province. It's a mostly symbolic addition, which Jolin-Barrette said will confirm the province’s capacity to legislate on its own.
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