Public consultations for draft constitutional amendments held in Moldova's parliament

8 April
Parliament of Moldova (photo credit: inga via flickr)
Parliament of Moldova (photo credit: inga via flickr)
The draft law to amend the Constitution following the referendum that is to be held simultaneously with this year’s presidential elections was subject to the first public consultations that were staged by the Parliament’s Commission for Appointments and Immunities. Following the consultations, the draft law will be finalized, the Constitutional Court will be asked to state its opinion and then the draft decision will be registered to agree the date and content of the referendum questions, IPN reports. “In the Republic of Moldova, even if this instrument called constitutional referendum is regulated, unfortunately, until now it has never been used to produce legal effects. We, the members of the Legal Commission for Appointments and Immunities, and also as MPs, are responsible and aware of all the steps that follow. As a result of today’s consultations, we will finalize this bill. Then, the Constitutional Court will be asked to pronounce on it and we will then register the draft decision to establish both the date and the actual content of the questions,” said the Commission’s chairwoman Veronica Roșca.
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