Public consultation crucial for the constitutional reform in Greece

By Tornos News, 8 March 2017
The participation of the citizens will determine the success of the debate on the Constitutional revision, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday said during his speech at the Parliament's committee on the constitutional revision. Tsipras described the committee on the revision of the constitution as the link between the citizens and the institutional procedure in parliament. He underlined that the citizens must have a word on the Constitutional Revision because their participation is the most direct, clear and essential discussion on Democracy. Democracy is not threatened by the citizens, Tsipras said adding that a balance must be found between the aspect that the citizens are always right and the aspect that the citizens must have a word once every four years. "The dialogue for the Constitutional Revision is a wager for the quality of Democracy, a discussion on the institutional reform, a new regime, and how we want our country after 2021, which is the 200-year anniversary from the revolution of 1821," the Prime Minister noted. "Dialogue and conflicts should not scare us," he stated and added: "We are now aiming at helping the economy return to normality, taking the country out of the crisis and strengthening Rights, Transparency and Justice."


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