In Peru, president proposes early elections and constitutional reforms aimed at assuaging protests

By Renzo Gómez Vega, 30 January 2023
Peruvian President Nina Boluarte (photo credit: Luis lparraguirre)
Peruvian President Nina Boluarte (photo credit: Luis lparraguirre)
A few days shy of completing her first two months in office, and with Peru in a permanent state of social upheaval, President Dina Boluarte on [29 January] made two announcements aimed at placating the protests against her. The first entails holding early elections in October of this year, and the second involves long-awaited changes to the 1993 Constitution. [The] announcement comes a day after the first protester was killed by police fire in the capital, Lima. Nationwide, 58 people have died since the protests began last December. [...] Boluarte called on Congress to approve a proposal to move elections forward; the move will be put to a vote on [30 January]. [...] The president said that the Constitutional Committee of the next Congress will be entrusted with the task [of reforming the 1993 Constitution]. “This bill fits perfectly with the expectations of another sector of Congress that also wants to make political reforms through a Constituent Assembly. There would be no more pretexts for this to happen in 2023,″ she said. The initiative will be submitted to referendum and “all institutions will be able to present their contributions in the design of this reform.”
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