In Peru, president advances new constitutional amendment for early elections

By Manuel Herrera, 3 February 2023
National Flag of Peru (photo credit: Kaufdex via pixabay)
National Flag of Peru (photo credit: Kaufdex via pixabay)
The proposal, which seeks to appease the country's social and political crisis, and which was approved in the virtual Council of Ministers, highlights that "the President of the Republic, as well as the elected parliamentarians, will assume their mandate in December 2023." This new initiative, followed by one that was already rejected by Congress, intends to advance the electoral elections, specifically the first round, for October 8 of this year. [...] Boluarte, who had made an urgent call on [29 January] to Congress to approve the advancement of the elections in the face of the violent social crisis that has shaken the country since last December 7, assured that if she was not heard, she would seek to promote constitutional reforms to achieve that goal. This is the fourth attempt made by the President to advance the elections to 2023, after Congress rejected the three previous proposals, which could be marked by the interest of the left-wing banks in conditioning their vote in exchange for a referendum to form a Constituent Assembly.
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