In Peru, congress approves constitutional reform for return to bicameralism

8 March
Congress of Peru (photo credit: Peruvian Congress)
Congress of Peru (photo credit: Peruvian Congress)
The Congress of Peru approved a constitutional reform to return to bicameralism, overturning the results of the 2018 referendum in which over 90 percent of the population had voted against. [...] Following the reform, from the next elections - scheduled for 2026 - the legislative assembly of Peru will be composed of a Senate, with 60 members, and a Chamber of Deputies, with 130 parliamentarians, equal to the current number. The deputies will be responsible for formulating the laws, while the Senate will be responsible for evaluating and approving them. Furthermore, the Senate will decide on the appointments of the president of the Court of Auditors and the director of the Central Bank. The reform obtained 91 votes in favour, 30 against and one abstention. [...] On the same occasion, parliament also voted in favor of the so-called "immediate re-election" of parliamentarians: that is, a 2019 law that prevented legislators from running for two consecutive terms was repealed.
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