Papua New Guinea and Bougainville governments sign agreement paving way for ratification of 2019 Bougainville independence referendum results

By Papua New Guinea Today, 8 April 2022
Flags of PNG and Bougainville (photo credit: RNZ / Johnny Blades)
Flags of PNG and Bougainville (photo credit: RNZ / Johnny Blades)
Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape and Bougainville President Ishmael Toroama have signed the Era Kone Covenant which now paves the way for ratification of the 2019 referendum results leading to Bougainville’s independence. The Era Kone Covenant is a significant milestone in this journey for both governments as it captures all aspects of the 97.7 per cent referendum results and the post-referendum consultations. [...] Mr Toroama said at the signing yesterday that the covenant now give effect to Section 342 of the National Constitution and thanked Mr Marape for the National Government’s commitment in this regard. [...] Mr Marape noted in agreement the importance of the Era Kone Covenant and pledged the support of the PNG government “I reaffirm our agreement to determining a political settlement for Bougainville earlier than 2025 and no later than 2027 and that the Era Kone Covenant sets the pathway and acts as the indicative guide toward the political settlement for Bougainville by the 11th National Parliament” he said. Following the covenant signing both parties will endorse the covenant through the respective executive councils and then the technical teams from both governments will draft the constitutional regulation which will carries the road map towards independence.
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