In Pakistan, opposition leader expresses openness to constitutional amendments on election schedule

By Adil Shahzeb, 6 April 2023
Flag of Pakistan (photo credit: Engin_Akyurt via pixabay)
Flag of Pakistan (photo credit: Engin_Akyurt via pixabay)
PTI leader Asad Qaiser has called on the government to publicly announce its readiness to engage in negotiations with the PTI, while also expressing his party’s willingness to consider constitutional amendments for adjustments to the election schedule beyond the 90-day requirement under the law. “We want the government to sit together [for talks on elections] and we are also ready for a constitutional amendment, if for one time, the [polls] can be extended beyond 90 days. What more flexibility can we offer?” he said during an interview with DawnNewsTV’s Adil Shahzeb on [5 April]. The PTI leader said it was the responsibility of the government to officially make a move for [talks] and the PM must announce that they want to hold talks. “Then we will sit and settle the matters together — this is the need of the hour that political leaders talk things out.” [...] He criticised the government’s “confrontational approach” and stressed the need for constructive dialogue. He also highlighted the PTI’s willingness to support a constitutional amendment for the poll date extension, saying it demonstrated the party’s commitment to a fair and transparent election process.
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