Op-Ed: When Thailand debates the lese majeste law

By Pravit Rojanaphruk, 8 November 2021
Flag of Thailand (photo credit: Patrik M. Loeff / flickr)
Flag of Thailand (photo credit: Patrik M. Loeff / flickr)
The past week saw an unprecedented flurry of reactions both in support and opposition to amending the controversial lese majeste law. The issue would likely turn the next general elections into a de facto referendum on the law, if not more, for many people. [...] Given that all parties have been in a pre-electoral campaign mode for well over a month now, it wasn’t long before other parties, ruling and opposition, publicly took a stance on whether they support amending the law, abolishing it, or defending the law. [...] Both supporters and opponents of the law are already gathering signatures to amplify their stance. [...] To amend or not amend the lese majeste law, or even to abolish it, is a much needed debate and we can start on the right foot by trying to be more honest about where the different groups stand. The perpetuation of a state of self-denial will not do Thailand any good. 
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