Op-ed: Poland's constitutional crisis continues as constitutional court stands its ground

By Paulina Starski, 23 March 2016
Poles protest against reforms (photo credit: RT)
Poles protest against reforms (photo credit: RT)
<p>On 9<span>th</span>&nbsp;March ‒ just two days before the Venice Commission adopted its<a href="http://www.venice.coe.int/webforms/documents/?pdf=CDL-AD(2016)001-e">&nbsp;opinion</a>&nbsp;on the same matter ‒ the Polish Constitutional Tribunal announced its&nbsp;<a href="http://ipo.trybunal.gov.pl/ipo/dok?dok=F2050987430%2FK_47_15_wyrokTK_2016_03_09_ADO.pdf">judgment</a>&nbsp;on the statute of 22<span>nd</span>&nbsp;December 2015 amending the Act on the Constitutional Tribunal. This legislative move resembled nothing less than a constitutional&nbsp;<em>coup d’etat</em>&nbsp;against the Polish judiciary and the constitutional state. Fortunately this assault encountered a forceful reaction of its designated target, the Tribunal itself.
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