Op-Ed: Nepali women stand to lose the ability to control their fertility if the draft constitution is not rectified

By Melissa Upreti, 30 July 2015
photo credit: Kathmandu Post
photo credit: Kathmandu Post
<p>Although it was 14 years ago, it feels like yesterday when I stood before a packed audience in New York to denounce the US’ enforcement of the Global Gag Rule which barred any overseas organisation that received US foreign assistance from not only providing safe abortion services, but engaging in any abortion-related activities, including advocacy for law reform.</p><p>Back then, an estimated half of all maternal deaths in Nepal were due to unsafe abortions and one in every five women doing time in prison was there on charges of abortion or wrongly imprisoned for infanticide. These issues resulted from Nepal’s own ban on abortion, but were exacerbated by the Global Gag Rule which deterred advocates in Nepal from speaking out.</p>
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