Op-ed: DRC, term limits, constitutional 'coups', and the African Union's key role

By Stephanie Wolters, 18 May 2016
President Joseph Kabila (photo credit: LH5)
President Joseph Kabila (photo credit: LH5)
<p>Nineteen years ago today, on 17 May 1997, Laurent Désiré Kabila overthrew Mobutu Sese Seko, the president of what was then Zaire. Although he was supported by a regional coalition that had the tacit backing of key Western countries, the ousting of Mobutu was haphazard at best, Kabila himself a relative unknown with no experience of government.</p><p>This is how the last political transition in the second-largest country in Africa took place.</p>
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Adem Abebe 18 May 2016
Merci beaucoup! Hopefully, things will be done according to constitutional rules. If you would like to receive updates on constitutional developments, please subscribe to our newsletter here: http://www.constitutionnet.org/dashboard All the best,

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