NRC proposes referendum on new Thai Constitution

20 May 2015
photo credit: AFP
photo credit: AFP
<p>NRC whip secretary Alongkorn Ponlaboot said council president Thienchay Kiranandana had submitted a proposal to Prime Minister&nbsp;<a target="_blank" class="anchor-link" href="">Prayut</a>&nbsp;Chan-o-cha last week that a referendum be held and stated how long the whole process should take.&nbsp;"We think it should take at least six months, as three months might not be sufficient for the distribution of 47 million copies of the draft charter to eligible voters," Alongkorn said.&nbsp;<br><br>The NRC also proposed that responsible organisations conduct the referendum inclusively and transparently, he said.&nbsp;The NRC and Constitution Drafting Committee unanimously agreed last week that a referendum should be held.<br>
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